10 Advantages Of Using Cloth Shopping Bags
Instead Of Plastic Ones

Amid growing concerns about plastic pollution, ‘single use’ plastic bags are being banned. The bags in question are those singlet-shaped ones that are made of very thin plastic.

3 reasons stop using
plastic shopping bags

  1. It is almost always made from fossil gas and oil, which damages the environment
  2. Pollutes our common home
  3. It is dangerous for our wildlife, oceans and waterways as they do not decompose and clog

Why use cloth
shopping bags

Cloth shopping bags avoid the pollution problems that come with plastic. Bags made from natural materials can eventually break down and return to the soil.

How to use
cloth shopping bags

  1. They are sturdier, stronger, they last longer and are definitely prettier on the eyes!

We at Jhumoor always recommend using cloth bags. Whats more? All our orders go wrapped in cloth rather than plastic as being used by major E-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart and the other biggies! Use to shop for sarees online and save the environment.

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