“Pretty bird, you just crossed my way”. We absolutely love how Shwetha has styled this flowy linen saree in a bold and free expression of her own.

This deep colour looks gorgeous in a smooth contrast with the rusty tin background. We also can’t stop staring at those dreamcatcher earrings she’s paired it with.

We always thought batik was the original graffiti, but Priya has just proved it now. That saree looks like it was made to be clicked in front of that wall.

Who would have thought that a silk saree and a cowboy hat could go together. This girl never ceases to surprise.

A golden and green silk saree can’t go wrong with golden jewellery. Here’s Vani to prove it.

Bright yellow silk, small golden buty and a gleeful spirit under a blue sky in the streets of Goa. This look gives us such a spring feel.

We love this handloom saree in a homelyvibe. A soft, warm & comfortable look for a sober and simple saree. we love how cute Shrestha has made this style!

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