CoronaVirus VS Jhumoor

Awareness on Corona Virus and COVID-19

What is Coronavirus?

Corona virus is a global pandemic today, referred to the group of viruses commonly found in bats.

What is COVID-19?

 COVID-19 is a particular coronavirus strain that has has steadily spread across humans in the world since it originated in the Wuhan city in China. Most nations of World including INDIA- which having second highest population in the World are now on partial or total lockdown in an effort to contain the virus.

The virus is increasingly having negative impact on entire human race. It results in drastic health issues for the affected person and his/her near and dear ones.

Woman falling sick from cold and possible coronavirus

Role of Women in this situation

Women of the house are the backbone of a home. It is therefore extremely important for all women to stay cautious. It is our exhortation to all our followers to take precautions against the particular virus very seriously.

Science is continuously investigating on the virus but at present prevention is only the cure. We have to narrow our social interaction and keep ourselves within the house. We should move out of the house when necessary only.

It therefore becomes even more important for women to stay healthy, and encourage all family members to stay healthy too. We at Jhumoor understand the situation and recommend you to keep yourself , your family and surroundings clean and hygienic, intake foods that would boost the immunity of yourself and your near and dear ones and keep your body strong and healthy by regular exercising, yoga and breathing exercises.

Does this mean the end of entertainment and shopping?

Due to a lockdown in most areas, offline shopping is now not possible. The pandemic rages on and social distancing has most of us housebound, therefore shopping for a saree at a store feels like a distant dream.

But there is a silver lining for women, we have taken a initiative to continue our online services at Though delivery might be a little delayed to due continuous lockdowns in certain areas, we promise a guaranteed (although it might be delayed) delivery. Be rest assured, there are really some sweet deals we have rounded up for the shopaholics to shop while self-isolating.

Woman shopping sarees from
Desginer Sarees

Jhumoor is known to serve saree lovers with its authentic handloom sarees. With common natural textures, handlooms, silk sarees, designer sarees and unadulterated quality as an unmoving base for all marks, you can rest easy about the quality of our products. Likewise, there are wide scope of styles, combinations and embroidery work. From runway picks, wedding sarees, design week pieces and regular ethnic wear, Jhumoor has everything.

To find out more, Visit to shop best accumulations, and experience saree shopping like never before.

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