Our favourite sarees for summer

Could there be a better time than summertime to don your favourite saree and click a nice selfie for your followers on social media?

These flowy and wavy garments are our top picks from the new collection at http://www.jhumoor.com

Pink-white combination soft Dhakai Jamdani saree

This pink and white combo is a floral treat to the eyes. Made of the finest and softest cotton cloth, this Jamdani saree is one in a million.

Bengal Katha stitch embroidery sarees is one of the finest sarees and one of the most popular ones too. Such intricate weaves of thread in a multicoloured combination is a treat to the katha lover. Share your katha with everyone, this summer!

Peach-black combination handloom cotton saree

Who says black can’t make a stunning combination? As far as designer combinations go, this particular piece has the power to top them all. With some exquisite horse art (typical of Bengal) this saree is a favourite among the regulars here.

Pink-blue combination Kanjivaram silk saree

As far as silk goes, saree lovers out there know whats it like to wear a kanjivaram. Its elegant, lustrous and bold. Its smooth and with as striking a colour combination as deep blue, golden and pink, nothing could go wrong for you.

Kerala Cotton saree

As far as simple sarees go, this one is a national favourite. Plain white, with a classy golden border. Works everytime, every year. Don’t you think so?

These are some of the favourites from our collection. To check out more amazing saree websites and some great summer collection material, head to think link: https://blog.feedspot.com/saree_blogs/

You can also check out feedspot for other blog topics. They cover a huge variety of them. Have a good day, junta!

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