The Up and Coming on Social Media

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Instagram has never been more happening than it is now. The number of people coming together to celebrate fashion, lifestyle and art is nothing short of phenomenal. Our monthly magazine reads for a new look or fashion trend has been replaced by a simple scrolling on our phones anytime we feel like looking for inspiration.

Needless to say, we also find inspiration for our stories, sarees and brand ideas on Instagram. Recently we had the good fortune of reaching out to multiple popular faces on the platform celebrating art and fashion.

Here is a (very subjective) list of Instagram influencers who we feel you should definitely take a look at:

  1. Beauty_box ( ): We loved it when Jacqueline was sultry hot in her Bengal “Laal Paad” saree on Badshah’s video “Genda Phool”. Daraksha’s recreation in her buty based silk saree in red and white is fairly accurate: both in her attire, look and style. It takes a special talent and beauty to recreate Jacqueline and add to it her own sweet vibe. A huge shoutout!!
Darakhsha Khan in her Bengal silk saree

2. Anjuma Akhtar ( We all love fairy tales. We have grown up pretending of being in one and shall live our lives dreaming of one. That is why Anjuma’s posts hold such a special place in our hearts. She manages to maintain a fairy tale, dreamy, magic world vibe across all her posts.

Anjuma Akhtar in a silk Indian attire

3. Sayantani ( ): We Bengalis love mishti. In fact, such is our love for sweets that our State Government decided to open up Mishti dokaans over the lockdown along with grocery stores and other “essential commodities”. Another thing we love is how much Sayantani reminds us of our favourite “mishti”. Such a sweet girl with amazing content. We love her video of how she has draped our beloved Six yard in different ways. Check it out here:

Sayantani in a ravishing chiffon saree

4. Kasturima Sonowal ( : Her popularity can probably be gauged seeing as people have made multiple fake accounts of her page on Instagram. Not everyone can pull off an Instargram page based purely on homegrown style. Her account has no fancy high budget shoots or glitzy edits. Its all simply phone shots of her with a lot of unabashed style and attitude, which is probably why we love her a lot! More power to you, girl!

Kasturi in a shiny plain blue saree

5. The Shutter Bug ( Ishita is a genuine example of what it means to be a Bengali beauty. She is subtle, confident and so gorgeous! But what we absolutely adore about her Instagram account is the variety and eccentricity of the sarees she has sported on her page: from bright, artsy prints to plain and simple chiffons, she knows how to carry it all with poise.

Ishita sporting a gorgeous Bengal art saree

6. Priyashree Mukherjee ( Only a few instagram accounts are “elegant and sober” and yet popular. In a world full of glam, sham and flash, Priyashree has shown that simplicity and elegance has its own special niche. Totally a Jhumoor kind of girl. 🙂

Priyashree in an orange handloom silk saree

7. Soumya Kirtaniya ( Her bio on her account introduces her as a “Bohemian soul”. You scroll down to see nothing less. She has a wide variety of sarees on her page styled with such beauty and grace. What stands out is her almost Bohemian styling of colourful and vivid jewellery emboldended by her smoky eyes. You know a professional when you see one here.

Soumya wearing an embroidered saree

That’s all for now, people. We shall shortly be posting another list of talented fashion and lifestyle influencers on Instagram that we love. Keep following us for more amazing content.

Check out another list we have put up (will be putting up) on 10th August here. 🙂

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