The Up and Coming of Social Media-2

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We reached out to a lot of influencers on Instagram over the past few weeks, and thanks to our amazing team of interns (we reached out to them from, Thank you so much!) we were able to get a lot of them to review our page (and our sarees) and give us a shoutout.

We featured a few of them in the first part of this blog, that you can check out here.

Here is the second list of people we adore on Instagram:

  • Amisha Thakur ( ) – Amisha gives us a fine example of how to perfectly dress for all kinds of setup.
    She scores a full hundred in styling all kinds of attires- casual, party wear and ethnic wear. Her beautiful smile certainly adds to the glow in all her pictures. Her creativity shows in how she has innovated on her ethnic wear look below.
Amisha Thakur in a black blouse and glamorous lower
  • Pubashree Baruah ( ) – Pubashree is talented enough to style her outfit in a way that brings out her true beauty and elegance. We are fond of her love for sarees and ethnic wear. She feels like a girl next door turned into an artist’s muse. Such poetic pictures!
Pubashree Baruah sporting a light beaver coloured saree
  • Anushka Chattopadhyaya ( ) – We love the way Anushka’s profile has turned out to be, a perfect blend of creativity and beauty with some really fascinating sense of style. She stands out boldly from the rest of the crowd out there. She has paired holi colours with matching florals on this beautiful light coloured dress. Talk about out of the box!
Anushka Chattopadhyay in a multicoloured floral dress on holi
  • Bhawna Gupta ( ) – Her “stylestatement” is not only beautiful, it is also sustainable. She has a bucket full of originality: From reusing old sarees to accessorising and styling sarees in all different kinds of ways, you certainly want to check this out for “something different”.
Bhawna Gupta rocking it in a black saree
Nabanita in a beautiful dual coloured handloom saree
  • Prerna Das ( ) – We truly can’t get over Prerna’s iconic getups and the way she compliments her intricately designed sarees with those pieces of jewellery. Her black and white photo in this cotton baatik saree certainly takes us back to a much happier place!
Prerna in a cotton baatik saree from Bengal
  • Manisha Kundu Vijay ( ) – Manisha’s profile provides us with a taste of trendy yet classic attires throughout. Along with her endless elegance, she proves there is beauty in simplicity. We are  also able to catch a glimpse of her love for food and travelling through her wonderful blog posts.
Manisha sporting a pink coloured silk saree

Find out about more amazing bloggers here.

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