The Up and coming on Social Media-3

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We all can learn a thing or two from the amazing bloggers we have had a chance of knowing, especially those who have an enchanted love for sarees or are aspiring fashion bloggers themselves.

  • Moumita Ray Ghosh ( – Along with being a mind blowing fashion enthusiast and blogger, she also gives her followers glimpses of her amazing photography skills and puts in some seriously motivating quotes now and then. Her instagram profile looks so creatively organised and following it is definitely worth your while.
Moumita Ray in a beautiful deep colour saree
  • Prerna Singh ( Being so young and still so extremely talented and full of energy is what makes Prerna stand out from the crowd. She also offers us a sneak peak into her life, be it her travelling trips, Durga Puja celebrations or even her birthday fun!
Prerna in a beautiful yellow dress
Cherry Gupta in a gorgeous bridal saree
  • Debapriya Roy ( – Young bloggers are certainly stealing the show and Debapriya certainly is one among them. We love her look below, where she has adorned herself in a beautiful red and blue saree and complemented her look with such alluring earrings and bangles. 
Debapriya Roy in a red and blue saree
  • Rezwana ( You will certainly start feeling jealous of Rezwana, given her admirable and enticing collection of sarees and how good she manages to look in every single one of them. Below is one of our favourite ( it was very hard to pick ) looks of Rezwana in this Banarasi saree with Jacquard weaving.
Rezwana in a Banarasi Saree
  • Dr. Pranjala Shrishti ( – Becoming a successful fashion blogger is not easy, and Pranjala here has done it along with her study in the field of medicine. Nothing simply could be as motivating as her, full of zeal and enthusiasm. She gives us a fine example of how to rock an indo-western look in this picture below.
Dr. Pranjala Srishti pairing a long skirt with a top
Shreshta Roy in a printed chiffon saree

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