We give you 99% saree colour accuracy

Saree colours on website photos aren’t accurate. You see red, you get a pink shade. Those days are now over. At http://www.jhumoor.com we offer a 99% guarantee on accurate colour. We have kept a record of what colour the saree is in the “colour” section of the website. Follow this infographic for more details: HereContinue reading “We give you 99% saree colour accuracy”

How to keep your saree clean and new for a long time!

Food stains on white sarees are inevitable. How do we get rid of them? Wet the stain areas with water and apply a thick coat of white toothpaste over the stains on both sides of the fabric. Hang the saree to dry completely and then wash off the toothpaste. Repeat the process until the stainContinue reading “How to keep your saree clean and new for a long time!”

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