What is Jhumoor all about?

Getting authentic, undamaged sarees in India at reasonable prices is a task. Though the artisans producing them do so at nominal profits to support their minimal and rural lifestyle, the price escalates manifold times by the time it reaches stores both offline and online.

We have been selling sarees for the past 30 years in Bengal, sourcing directly from the weavers, at extremely reasonable margins. That is what has helped us to become the No.1 shopping destination for sarees in Siliguri today.

Jhumoor was conceptualized to deliver the same quality and fair business deal to lovers of saree throughout India.

Great quality need not burn your pockets. Nor does a great brand need you to spend half your monthly salary for its affiliation. We guarantee quality and cheapest prices for the saree you buy from us.

We look out for your concerns, so you can ask us anything and we will do our best to help. All we ask for, in return, is your love.

Welcome to the Jhumoor family. Explore us at http://www.jhumoor.com

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