The Up and coming on Social Media-3

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We all can learn a thing or two from the amazing bloggers we have had a chance of knowing, especially those who have an enchanted love for sarees or are aspiring fashion bloggers themselves.

  • Moumita Ray Ghosh ( – Along with being a mind blowing fashion enthusiast and blogger, she also gives her followers glimpses of her amazing photography skills and puts in some seriously motivating quotes now and then. Her instagram profile looks so creatively organised and following it is definitely worth your while.
Moumita Ray in a beautiful deep colour saree
  • Prerna Singh ( Being so young and still so extremely talented and full of energy is what makes Prerna stand out from the crowd. She also offers us a sneak peak into her life, be it her travelling trips, Durga Puja celebrations or even her birthday fun!
Prerna in a beautiful yellow dress
Cherry Gupta in a gorgeous bridal saree
  • Debapriya Roy ( – Young bloggers are certainly stealing the show and Debapriya certainly is one among them. We love her look below, where she has adorned herself in a beautiful red and blue saree and complemented her look with such alluring earrings and bangles. 
Debapriya Roy in a red and blue saree
  • Rezwana ( You will certainly start feeling jealous of Rezwana, given her admirable and enticing collection of sarees and how good she manages to look in every single one of them. Below is one of our favourite ( it was very hard to pick ) looks of Rezwana in this Banarasi saree with Jacquard weaving.
Rezwana in a Banarasi Saree
  • Dr. Pranjala Shrishti ( – Becoming a successful fashion blogger is not easy, and Pranjala here has done it along with her study in the field of medicine. Nothing simply could be as motivating as her, full of zeal and enthusiasm. She gives us a fine example of how to rock an indo-western look in this picture below.
Dr. Pranjala Srishti pairing a long skirt with a top
Shreshta Roy in a printed chiffon saree

Popular sarees from Bengal

To explore a varied range of Bengal sarees, click here.

Each and every town or state you travel through in India, has a rich textile and weaving legacy and since a long time, people around the world have admired and patronised India’s handwoven textiles.

Here, we have made a list of few sarees which are popular in and sourced from West Bengal.

  1. Baluchari Sarees, Bankura, West Bengal – The Baluchari Saree originated in West Bengal, and is mainly worn by the women of India and Bangladesh. It is a hand woven saree using richly dyed silk, with intricate motifs depicting Indian mythology woven onto its large ‘pallu’. Baluchari takes a week to be woven, and the craftsmen are largely centered in Murshidabad.  The designs are mainly from the Ramayana and Mahabharata, and are worn as a sign of aristocracy and status.  They are indeed connoisseurs’ items. 

2. Jamdani Saree ( Dhakai Jamdani & Muslin Jamdani ) – Historically the production of Jamdani started during the time of Mughal. The Bengali origin of Jamdani is Narayanganj, one of the industrial hubs of Bangladesh. The traditional Jamdani is a kind of famous Muslin textile still having the same popularity since the Mughal time. Jamdani Saree or Dhakai Jamdani is a famous and popular Bengali outfit and is a prized possession in every Bengali household. UNESCO even declared the artistic design of Jamdani as ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ to support the local weavers of this most popular traditional weave.

Dhakai Jamdani saree

3. Tant Saree, West Bengal – Synonymous with Bengal cotton handlooms, tant  sarees are among the most popular sarees worn by the women of West Bengal. Their light, airy texture makes them especially suited for the warm and humid summers of this region. Tant sarees are characterized by a thick border, a decorative pallav and are woven with a variety of floral, paisley and other artistic motifs. In keeping up with contemporary tastes, tant sarees today also feature designs which are hand-painted, printed and embroidered on the fabric. A variation of the traditional tant has zari work woven into the borders and pallav along the patterns of a Banarasi silk saree giving rise to the ‘tant banarasi’ saree. 

Tant Sareen from Bengal

4. The Bengal Gorod : a Melange of White and Red – Gorod silk is one of the popular styles of saree that has its origin in West Bengal. Also known as Gorod, the word Garad means ‘White’. Garad silk sarees are distinguished by its red border and small paisley motifs. Silk fabric used to weave them is not dyed which keeps the purity factor of the fabric intact and therefore these sarees have a sacred importance to the women in Bengal. Weavers from Murshidabad district of West Bengal specialize in weaving these sarees, so you can even directly source it from them. 

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Ingenious ways to wear the saree: How has wearing the saree evolved over the years?

There is nothing more quintessentially Indian than a saree. The image of a woman draped in a saree is instantly relatable as something to do with India. This traditional attire has persevered, toiled, transformed and continues to evolve, encompassing the changing world around it but also remaining consistently true to its innate characteristics. The original avatar of sarees was nothing like what we see today. We have compiled a list below to show how sarees were draped in the past according to religion, caste and occupation.

  1. The washerwoman way: A washerwoman very cleverly used her saree as a kind of cot for carrying her baby. She has even tied her saree a little high to protect against the water.

2. The water bearer: A woman carrying a pot of water on her head drapes her saree in such a way that she can use it as a cushion.

3. The Potter’s wife:  Similarly, we can see a potter’s wife who has used her saree as a headrest to carry a number of pots. We can also spot her wearing the ‘Bulakku’ or ‘Bulaq’, a nose ring mostly specific to Southern India.

4. The Brahmin’s wife: Here we see a rich Brahmin’s wife wearing a saree with no blouse but lengthy drapes to demurely wear over her shoulders.

5. The farmer’s wife: A farmer’s wife carrying vegetables. She is also using it as a cushion plus she has pleated her saree in the back so it doesn’t come in the way.

6. The left Pallu drape: A woman, wearing a saree with the pallu on her left side and pleats to the right.

7. The Jeweller’s wife: We can see a Jewellery maker’s wife with her pallu covering her top knot and adorned with a lot of jewels.

8. The Fisherwoman: A fisherwoman sporting the indigo weave to maybe match the colour of the blue sea.

10. The Moneylender’s wife: Here is a rich moneylender’s wife. We can see her with a kacche, a style developed by the Koli Tribe  in between her legs.

The current saree style can be attributed to Jnanadanandini Debi, the wife of Satyendranath Tagore. Apparently, Tagore had encouraged her wife to adopt the style of wearing a blouse and a chemise underneath her saree and the chiffons came later on. This came to be known as the Nivi saree.

Today, women all over India wear the Nivi– styles originally worn in the Deccan region; besides the modern nivi, there is also the kaccha nivi, where the pleats are passed through the legs and tucked into the waist at the back. 

Today, we see many people draping sarees in their own innovative and unique ways, with a modern touch. A link to a modern Bengali style draping saree in featured on our facebook page:

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The Up and Coming of Social Media-2

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We reached out to a lot of influencers on Instagram over the past few weeks, and thanks to our amazing team of interns (we reached out to them from, Thank you so much!) we were able to get a lot of them to review our page (and our sarees) and give us a shoutout.

We featured a few of them in the first part of this blog, that you can check out here.

Here is the second list of people we adore on Instagram:

  • Amisha Thakur ( ) – Amisha gives us a fine example of how to perfectly dress for all kinds of setup.
    She scores a full hundred in styling all kinds of attires- casual, party wear and ethnic wear. Her beautiful smile certainly adds to the glow in all her pictures. Her creativity shows in how she has innovated on her ethnic wear look below.
Amisha Thakur in a black blouse and glamorous lower
  • Pubashree Baruah ( ) – Pubashree is talented enough to style her outfit in a way that brings out her true beauty and elegance. We are fond of her love for sarees and ethnic wear. She feels like a girl next door turned into an artist’s muse. Such poetic pictures!
Pubashree Baruah sporting a light beaver coloured saree
  • Anushka Chattopadhyaya ( ) – We love the way Anushka’s profile has turned out to be, a perfect blend of creativity and beauty with some really fascinating sense of style. She stands out boldly from the rest of the crowd out there. She has paired holi colours with matching florals on this beautiful light coloured dress. Talk about out of the box!
Anushka Chattopadhyay in a multicoloured floral dress on holi
  • Bhawna Gupta ( ) – Her “stylestatement” is not only beautiful, it is also sustainable. She has a bucket full of originality: From reusing old sarees to accessorising and styling sarees in all different kinds of ways, you certainly want to check this out for “something different”.
Bhawna Gupta rocking it in a black saree
Nabanita in a beautiful dual coloured handloom saree
  • Prerna Das ( ) – We truly can’t get over Prerna’s iconic getups and the way she compliments her intricately designed sarees with those pieces of jewellery. Her black and white photo in this cotton baatik saree certainly takes us back to a much happier place!
Prerna in a cotton baatik saree from Bengal
  • Manisha Kundu Vijay ( ) – Manisha’s profile provides us with a taste of trendy yet classic attires throughout. Along with her endless elegance, she proves there is beauty in simplicity. We are  also able to catch a glimpse of her love for food and travelling through her wonderful blog posts.
Manisha sporting a pink coloured silk saree

Find out about more amazing bloggers here.

The Up and Coming on Social Media

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Instagram has never been more happening than it is now. The number of people coming together to celebrate fashion, lifestyle and art is nothing short of phenomenal. Our monthly magazine reads for a new look or fashion trend has been replaced by a simple scrolling on our phones anytime we feel like looking for inspiration.

Needless to say, we also find inspiration for our stories, sarees and brand ideas on Instagram. Recently we had the good fortune of reaching out to multiple popular faces on the platform celebrating art and fashion.

Here is a (very subjective) list of Instagram influencers who we feel you should definitely take a look at:

  1. Beauty_box ( ): We loved it when Jacqueline was sultry hot in her Bengal “Laal Paad” saree on Badshah’s video “Genda Phool”. Daraksha’s recreation in her buty based silk saree in red and white is fairly accurate: both in her attire, look and style. It takes a special talent and beauty to recreate Jacqueline and add to it her own sweet vibe. A huge shoutout!!
Darakhsha Khan in her Bengal silk saree

2. Anjuma Akhtar ( We all love fairy tales. We have grown up pretending of being in one and shall live our lives dreaming of one. That is why Anjuma’s posts hold such a special place in our hearts. She manages to maintain a fairy tale, dreamy, magic world vibe across all her posts.

Anjuma Akhtar in a silk Indian attire

3. Sayantani ( ): We Bengalis love mishti. In fact, such is our love for sweets that our State Government decided to open up Mishti dokaans over the lockdown along with grocery stores and other “essential commodities”. Another thing we love is how much Sayantani reminds us of our favourite “mishti”. Such a sweet girl with amazing content. We love her video of how she has draped our beloved Six yard in different ways. Check it out here:

Sayantani in a ravishing chiffon saree

4. Kasturima Sonowal ( : Her popularity can probably be gauged seeing as people have made multiple fake accounts of her page on Instagram. Not everyone can pull off an Instargram page based purely on homegrown style. Her account has no fancy high budget shoots or glitzy edits. Its all simply phone shots of her with a lot of unabashed style and attitude, which is probably why we love her a lot! More power to you, girl!

Kasturi in a shiny plain blue saree

5. The Shutter Bug ( Ishita is a genuine example of what it means to be a Bengali beauty. She is subtle, confident and so gorgeous! But what we absolutely adore about her Instagram account is the variety and eccentricity of the sarees she has sported on her page: from bright, artsy prints to plain and simple chiffons, she knows how to carry it all with poise.

Ishita sporting a gorgeous Bengal art saree

6. Priyashree Mukherjee ( Only a few instagram accounts are “elegant and sober” and yet popular. In a world full of glam, sham and flash, Priyashree has shown that simplicity and elegance has its own special niche. Totally a Jhumoor kind of girl. 🙂

Priyashree in an orange handloom silk saree

7. Soumya Kirtaniya ( Her bio on her account introduces her as a “Bohemian soul”. You scroll down to see nothing less. She has a wide variety of sarees on her page styled with such beauty and grace. What stands out is her almost Bohemian styling of colourful and vivid jewellery emboldended by her smoky eyes. You know a professional when you see one here.

Soumya wearing an embroidered saree

That’s all for now, people. We shall shortly be posting another list of talented fashion and lifestyle influencers on Instagram that we love. Keep following us for more amazing content.

Check out another list we have put up (will be putting up) on 10th August here. 🙂

Best Indian Brands to shop from

Happy Rakhi to all our readers.

Your search for Tant sarees, handloom sarees and silks sarees ends with

But to know about more Indian brands that are doing a great job of delivering amazing products at affordable rates, we have curated a list (of lists) of amazing brands that we love.

Check out these lists we love from the internet:

Pop Xo talks about commercial brands like Ajio and Aurelia but also features a few of our Indie favourites like Libas, Inddus, Indya, Avaasa.

A screenshot of the list of Indian brands from Popxo

You could also check out this list from the website southindiafashion:

Their list offers names of different brands like Biba, Westside, FabIndia and Global Desi. These are more commercial and well known brands in thr market.

A screenshot of Indian brands’ list from southindiafashion

To get more brands and their reviews, there is no better place than Quora to do some good research. Here is a popular link you’re sure to like:

Happy shopping! Also let us know if there is any brand we might have missed by commenting. Feel free to share this post with your friends. 🙂

Our favourite sarees for summer

Could there be a better time than summertime to don your favourite saree and click a nice selfie for your followers on social media?

These flowy and wavy garments are our top picks from the new collection at

Pink-white combination soft Dhakai Jamdani saree

This pink and white combo is a floral treat to the eyes. Made of the finest and softest cotton cloth, this Jamdani saree is one in a million.

Bengal Katha stitch embroidery sarees is one of the finest sarees and one of the most popular ones too. Such intricate weaves of thread in a multicoloured combination is a treat to the katha lover. Share your katha with everyone, this summer!

Peach-black combination handloom cotton saree

Who says black can’t make a stunning combination? As far as designer combinations go, this particular piece has the power to top them all. With some exquisite horse art (typical of Bengal) this saree is a favourite among the regulars here.

Pink-blue combination Kanjivaram silk saree

As far as silk goes, saree lovers out there know whats it like to wear a kanjivaram. Its elegant, lustrous and bold. Its smooth and with as striking a colour combination as deep blue, golden and pink, nothing could go wrong for you.

Kerala Cotton saree

As far as simple sarees go, this one is a national favourite. Plain white, with a classy golden border. Works everytime, every year. Don’t you think so?

These are some of the favourites from our collection. To check out more amazing saree websites and some great summer collection material, head to think link:

You can also check out feedspot for other blog topics. They cover a huge variety of them. Have a good day, junta!

CoronaVirus VS Jhumoor

Awareness on Corona Virus and COVID-19

What is Coronavirus?

Corona virus is a global pandemic today, referred to the group of viruses commonly found in bats.

What is COVID-19?

 COVID-19 is a particular coronavirus strain that has has steadily spread across humans in the world since it originated in the Wuhan city in China. Most nations of World including INDIA- which having second highest population in the World are now on partial or total lockdown in an effort to contain the virus.

The virus is increasingly having negative impact on entire human race. It results in drastic health issues for the affected person and his/her near and dear ones.

Woman falling sick from cold and possible coronavirus

Role of Women in this situation

Women of the house are the backbone of a home. It is therefore extremely important for all women to stay cautious. It is our exhortation to all our followers to take precautions against the particular virus very seriously.

Science is continuously investigating on the virus but at present prevention is only the cure. We have to narrow our social interaction and keep ourselves within the house. We should move out of the house when necessary only.

It therefore becomes even more important for women to stay healthy, and encourage all family members to stay healthy too. We at Jhumoor understand the situation and recommend you to keep yourself , your family and surroundings clean and hygienic, intake foods that would boost the immunity of yourself and your near and dear ones and keep your body strong and healthy by regular exercising, yoga and breathing exercises.

Does this mean the end of entertainment and shopping?

Due to a lockdown in most areas, offline shopping is now not possible. The pandemic rages on and social distancing has most of us housebound, therefore shopping for a saree at a store feels like a distant dream.

But there is a silver lining for women, we have taken a initiative to continue our online services at Though delivery might be a little delayed to due continuous lockdowns in certain areas, we promise a guaranteed (although it might be delayed) delivery. Be rest assured, there are really some sweet deals we have rounded up for the shopaholics to shop while self-isolating.

Woman shopping sarees from
Desginer Sarees

Jhumoor is known to serve saree lovers with its authentic handloom sarees. With common natural textures, handlooms, silk sarees, designer sarees and unadulterated quality as an unmoving base for all marks, you can rest easy about the quality of our products. Likewise, there are wide scope of styles, combinations and embroidery work. From runway picks, wedding sarees, design week pieces and regular ethnic wear, Jhumoor has everything.

To find out more, Visit to shop best accumulations, and experience saree shopping like never before.


“Pretty bird, you just crossed my way”. We absolutely love how Shwetha has styled this flowy linen saree in a bold and free expression of her own.

This deep colour looks gorgeous in a smooth contrast with the rusty tin background. We also can’t stop staring at those dreamcatcher earrings she’s paired it with.

We always thought batik was the original graffiti, but Priya has just proved it now. That saree looks like it was made to be clicked in front of that wall.

Who would have thought that a silk saree and a cowboy hat could go together. This girl never ceases to surprise.

A golden and green silk saree can’t go wrong with golden jewellery. Here’s Vani to prove it.

Bright yellow silk, small golden buty and a gleeful spirit under a blue sky in the streets of Goa. This look gives us such a spring feel.

We love this handloom saree in a homelyvibe. A soft, warm & comfortable look for a sober and simple saree. we love how cute Shrestha has made this style!

Check Out all these sarees at


10 Advantages Of Using Cloth Shopping Bags
Instead Of Plastic Ones

Amid growing concerns about plastic pollution, ‘single use’ plastic bags are being banned. The bags in question are those singlet-shaped ones that are made of very thin plastic.

3 reasons stop using
plastic shopping bags

  1. It is almost always made from fossil gas and oil, which damages the environment
  2. Pollutes our common home
  3. It is dangerous for our wildlife, oceans and waterways as they do not decompose and clog

Why use cloth
shopping bags

Cloth shopping bags avoid the pollution problems that come with plastic. Bags made from natural materials can eventually break down and return to the soil.

How to use
cloth shopping bags

  1. They are sturdier, stronger, they last longer and are definitely prettier on the eyes!

We at Jhumoor always recommend using cloth bags. Whats more? All our orders go wrapped in cloth rather than plastic as being used by major E-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart and the other biggies! Use to shop for sarees online and save the environment.

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