The Up and coming on Social Media-3

Visit our website at Check out the earlier post to this series here. We all can learn a thing or two from the amazing bloggers we have had a chance of knowing, especially those who have an enchanted love for sarees or are aspiring fashion bloggers themselves. Moumita Ray Ghosh ( – Along withContinue reading “The Up and coming on Social Media-3”

Popular sarees from Bengal

To explore a varied range of Bengal sarees, click here. Each and every town or state you travel through in India, has a rich textile and weaving legacy and since a long time, people around the world have admired and patronised India’s handwoven textiles. Here, we have made a list of few sarees which areContinue reading “Popular sarees from Bengal”

Ingenious ways to wear the saree: How has wearing the saree evolved over the years?

There is nothing more quintessentially Indian than a saree. The image of a woman draped in a saree is instantly relatable as something to do with India. This traditional attire has persevered, toiled, transformed and continues to evolve, encompassing the changing world around it but also remaining consistently true to its innate characteristics. The originalContinue reading “Ingenious ways to wear the saree: How has wearing the saree evolved over the years?”

The Up and Coming of Social Media-2

Visit to view our collection of exclusive sarees from Bengal. We reached out to a lot of influencers on Instagram over the past few weeks, and thanks to our amazing team of interns (we reached out to them from, Thank you so much!) we were able to get a lot of them to review ourContinue reading “The Up and Coming of Social Media-2”

The Up and Coming on Social Media

Visit to view our collection of exclusive sarees from Bengal. Instagram has never been more happening than it is now. The number of people coming together to celebrate fashion, lifestyle and art is nothing short of phenomenal. Our monthly magazine reads for a new look or fashion trend has been replaced by a simpleContinue reading “The Up and Coming on Social Media”

Best Indian Brands to shop from

Happy Rakhi to all our readers. Your search for Tant sarees, handloom sarees and silks sarees ends with But to know about more Indian brands that are doing a great job of delivering amazing products at affordable rates, we have curated a list (of lists) of amazing brands that we love. Check out theseContinue reading “Best Indian Brands to shop from”

Our favourite sarees for summer

Could there be a better time than summertime to don your favourite saree and click a nice selfie for your followers on social media? These flowy and wavy garments are our top picks from the new collection at This pink and white combo is a floral treat to the eyes. Made of the finestContinue reading “Our favourite sarees for summer”

CoronaVirus VS Jhumoor

What is Coronavirus? Corona virus is a global pandemic today, referred to the group of viruses commonly found in bats. What is COVID-19?  COVID-19 is a particular coronavirus strain that has has steadily spread across humans in the world since it originated in the Wuhan city in China. Most nations of World including INDIA- whichContinue reading “CoronaVirus VS Jhumoor”


“Pretty bird, you just crossed my way”. We absolutely love how Shwetha has styled this flowy linen saree in a bold and free expression of her own. This deep colour looks gorgeous in a smooth contrast with the rusty tin background. We also can’t stop staring at those dreamcatcher earrings she’s paired it with. WeContinue reading “SAREE STYLES THAT ARE CATCHING EYEBALLS!”


10 Advantages Of Using Cloth Shopping BagsInstead Of Plastic Ones. Amid growing concerns about plastic pollution, ‘single use’ plastic bags are being banned. The bags in question are those singlet-shaped ones that are made of very thin plastic. 3 reasons stop usingplastic shopping bags It is almost always made from fossil gas and oil, whichContinue reading “USE OF SHOPPING BAGS”

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